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OLAYA & PAPAGAIO are world-class dancers and experienced dance teachers. Working together since 2005, they have been performing and giving workshops on every prestige's congresses of the Lambada Zouk scene around the world. They have promoted Brazilian Zouk in Spain: As a DJ Papagaio pioneered the promotion of LambaZouk music and classes in Barcelona clubs.

OLAYA DENDE was born in Barcelona, Spain. She has been dancing since the age of 4. Olaya graduated in Barcelona University, combining studies of Business and Pedagogy of Dance (Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz) along with fitness instructor qualification. 

In 2000 she discovered the world of Brazilian dance and ever since she has been passionate about this style, performing and teaching with love and dedication. Today Olaya is one of the best Brasilian Zouk teachers; Her passion for dancing and teaching has always inspired her to find unique teaching strategies to improve her students' dance skills. She is known for her various metaphors, images and clear explanations that make even the most difficult moves simpler and easier to acquire! 

GABRIEL TORRES, known for his Capoeira name PAPAGAIO, was born in Recife and grew up in Fortaleza, Brazil. Gabriel graduated from school of Physical Education Monitoring and a qualified Physiotherapist. Apart from being well know “Capoeirista”, Gabriel is an experienced dance teacher; he has been teaching Axe (Brazilian Zumba) and LambaZouk. Today Gabriel is dedicated to the LambaZouk scene as a teacher and DJ.

He is such creative dancer, that even Olaya, his dance partner for more than ten years, still gets surprised with his new steps or pieces of music. His unique dancing style exudes a lot of Brazilian energy while taking over the entire dance floor.


Sofie is a passionate woman who became a pioneer of Brazilian dances in the Czech Republic. She travelled the world to be able to bring the best of latino dances into her native Prague. In 2006 she opened the first dance school in the country to focus on latino dances. Since 2015 she resides in Galicia, Spain and continues her work as a teacher, performer and choreographer.

Luciano is a charismatic dancer who is responsible for establishing the zouk scene in the north of Spain. Originally from Brazil, he now resides in Galicia, Spain, where he teaches zouk, bachata and salsa. During the past 16 years he has travelled the whole country spreading the magic of zouk. Besides performing and teaching he is also known as a master of party animation and an excellent DJ who caters to everybody’s liking.


K-yo Victor is a well renowned Brazilian Zouk instructor and DJ from Brasilia, Brazil. His style of teaching focuses on slower, soulful Zouk movements in concert with musicality and partner connection. He was the first Brazilian Zouk instructor in North America, helping to develop the Zouk scene in New York, Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Knoxville and Washington DC.
Four concepts are the base of the Soulzouk Methodology that he teaches: Conexão + Condução + Conforto = Curtição (connection + leading + comfort = fun).

In his early dance career, K-yo has taught Salsa and Ballroom Dance at the Studio Dance By C.I.A. and at the Institute Juliana Castro in Brasilia. In 2004, K-yo transitioned to specialize in Brazilian Zouk dance. In 2005, he joined the group SOULZOUK for a time and has worked alongside Luciana Guinle and China. He has taught Zouk classes in Brazil, United States, Canada, México, France, Spain, Switzerland, England, Italy and Sweden. He has deejayed at many venues and events. 

In recent years, K-yo has taught Brazilian Zouk with Soulzouk methodology at North American Zouk congresses and festivals. From 2013-2017, he has organized the F.I.E.L. Dance Festival in Brasilia, showcasing Brazilian dance culture with some of the best dance instructors in Zouk, Kizomba, Samba, Salsa and Bachata.  K-yo is currently in Brasília to focus on Jiujitsu Lifestyle and help develop new teachers in Brasilia.


Kendra (Kendy) is one of the leading Zoukera’s and promoters of Brazilian Zouk in the United States. She first discovered Brazilian Zouk online and was captivated by the connection and fluidity of the dance.  She fell in love with Zouk in 2009 - and made it her goal to learn and spread this unique style of dance across the United States and beyond.  In additional to traveling and teaching at congresses world-wide, currently Kendra is focused on creating and graduating new Zouk Instructors through the Zouk Mia Instructors training program. 

 -Artistic Director of Zouk Mia and ZM Instructors Training Program– the leading Brazilian Zouk School in Florida, USA.   

-Presented workshops throughout the US, Brasil and Europe

-Leads Zouk Mia student performance team which has travelled the USA

-Co-founder, organizer and artistic director of I’M ZOUK – The International Miami Zouk Festival

-Featured in the first Associated Press article on Brazilian Zouk gaining popularity in the US, which appeared in over 65 news outlets in print and online including The Miami Herald; New York Times; Washington Post; San Francisco Chronicle; Knoxville News Sentinel; AP Online; Huffington Post; ABC News; AOL news; and CNN online.


Sarah Zuccaro has been dancing for 27 years.  Starting off in the more traditional forms of dance, she is proficient in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, American-style social Ballroom, and the Latin dances.  She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dance Performance and Choreography.  In addition to her degree, Sarah also has her Bronze American style instructor certification by Diane Jarmalow through Fred Astaire, levels 1-4 Zouk instructor certifications through Kim Rottier of Zouk NY, and her intermediate/advanced musicality certification by Carlos da Silva of Rio Dance Studio in Prague.

As her career developed and evolved, Sarah became highly trained and experienced in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Brazilian Zouk, which is now where her focus lies long term.  She has collected many finalist placements and has had the opportunity to headline as a performer and instructor at many festivals and congresses in all of these genres.  Four years ago, she relocated to Chicago where she has taught at one of the longest standing Latin dance studios in the city and directed 5 teams.  One of those teams is the flourishing Zouk franchise, SaZoukMia, co-founded by herself and Miami’s esteemed Zouk professional, Kendra Haynes.  This year, she opened her own Afro-Latin Dance Studio: Urbanity Dance Chicago.  Sarah is the owner, program director, and master instructor for the Zouk & Body Movement curriculums at the studio.  In addition to her work at home, she also travels freelance on the weekends solo or with various partners performing and teaching Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata and Bachata/Zouk fusion.

Sarah is gaining recognition for her dynamic choreographies and her ability to apply her classical training to the social dances.  She is in high demand nationwide for teaching, coaching, performing and choreographing because of her level of training, education, and success in such a wide variety of dance styles.


Thiciane & Ederson work together since 2013. They are originally from Fortaleza, Brazil, but have now been living in Toronto for a year.

They specialize in flowzouk which is a style of Rio Zouk. Their dance focuses on the comfort and respect of their partner’s body.


Hisako is one of the pioneers of Brazilian Zouk in North America. Also, the only certificated Lambazouk instructor in USA by PatriciaDidiLambada, who is most original Zouk lambada dancer from Porto Seguro Brazil. In 2000, Hisako started dancing Zouk in Buenos Aires and moved to New York 2001. She has led zouk seance in NY since then.

Hisako is known as her dramatic and emotional dance style, since she majored drama in her college and worked as Script writer/ stage director/ actress in Japan. Hisako taught her regular Zouk Class in New York for many years also sometimes in her hometown Kyoto. She has taught and performed in many major international congresses like Berg Congress in 2017. She also worked as a judge of the International Zouk- Lambada Competition 2017 in Porto Seguro.

Hisako had a U.S. and Asia tour of teaching Zouk workshops in Colorado, Hawaii, Boston, North Carolina, Japan, China and so on.


Brad Meccia is the founder and head instructor at Armada Zouk Dance LLC, Knoxville’s longest running Zouk company.  Armada Zouk currently features 4 hours of weekly classes which includes 4 levels of social dancing classes and weekly socials as well as instructing weekly classes in Asheville, NC.   He has trained throughout the US and Brazil, where his time training with Renata Peçanha helped to develop his Rio Zouk style.  In addition to Rio Style, Brad has completed a NeoZouk techniques instructor certification with Marco “Mafie Zouker” Mendonça.  Outside of dance, Brad received a PhD in biomedical engineering with a focus in biomechanics.  This provides unique insights into movement of the body which allow his instruction to really break down the biomechanics of different motions on a joint-by-joint and muscle-by-muscle basis.


Following a year-long world tour teaching and studying Brazilian Zouk, Sydney Charisse moved to Chicago where she teaches weekly classes at Latin Street Music and Dancing. Sydney draws on 30 years of dance experience (ballet, contemporary, jazz, competitive ballroom, blues, fusion, contact improvisation, yoga, Gyrotonic, and an MFA in choreography, among others) to train the complete body, inspire endless creativity, and facilitate safe and pain-free connection and communication. Her specialty is solo training and she is excited to bring that to her workshop at GYZO! To catch up on her adventures so far, check out the #ZoukGnome's Instagram @sydney.zouks!


Mélodie has been immersed in social and musical events her whole life. She developed a taste for world music and dance very early thanks to her parents, who enrolled her in a ballet class offered by a family friend. Since then, she also learned jazz, contemporary, hip hop and Irish dance. From the age of 16, she assisted ballet classes for younger students and, at 19, taught her own classes and choreography, for the same school.

When Éducadanse closed, she began to learn modern and Latin dances. Via Saltimambo, she discovered a passion for salsa. Three years later, through Mercredis Salsa-Zouk events run by Melorize Productions, she met Jules Bertrand, who introduced her to Brazilian zouk in 2010. What a joy to finally find THE dance that would become her specialty, HER dance! In 2011, she joined Interfusion Danse, teaching and performing the first of her many choreographies with Jules.  In 2013, they organized their first congress together, which they continued in a different format for the following years (GYZO). During their partnership, she had the chance to work with great artists (K-yo, Carlos Da Silva and Jefferson Dadinho, among others), and to travel all over the place (Prague, Brazil, New York, L.A., and more) to share their passion for zouk.

After 5 years of partnership, Mélodie left Interfusion Danse in order to focus on her own projects. Several months later, she had the opportunity to open a new multidisciplinary dance school, a precious dream of hers, and enthusiastically started Dança Montréal with Sébastien Boisvert.


Never having danced before undertaking Brazilian zouk, Sébastien is living proof that anyone can learn to dance.

In 2012, shortly after moving to Montréal, Sébastien found himself at a Brazilian zouk class by Interfusion Danse. He was immediately hooked and soon began classes with the school. Since then, he has never stopped trying to improve by any means possible: taking classes with Interfusion, participating in all their choreographies and flashmobs, organizing practices outside of class, watching videos to learn new movements, taking private classes with international artists, participating in many zouk congresses and events, etc. In 2014, with Interfusion Danse, he won first place in the team competition at Miami's I’M Zouk congress.

In 2015 he joined the Interfusion Danse instructor team and started to teach Brazilian zouk. Two years later, he wanted to further his experience and, with Mélodie's help, decided to found Dança Montréal. His tastes have led him to develop a more urban style (R&B). His peers recognize him for his clear and precise teaching, as he formerly taught mathematics and physics at the high school and collegiate levels (4 years).


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